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Top of Mind

This is like a /now page that Derek Sivers came up with, but it is broader in scope to include projects, my ideas, and what I'm thinking about.

Top of Mind

Teaching what I'm learning:

This is based on the learn in public mindset.

Wisdom is virtuous skill in living through connection. Growing virtue. How to live a life of flourishing and what that even means.

I write a weekly email newsletter called Words of Wisdom.

Connection is about deepening self awareness and community.

Intimacy is about improving emotional and sexual intimacy with your partner.

Writing Evergreen Notes as a thinking practice to improve and to do my own thinking.

My Private Practice

Where I do video-based counseling, also known as psychotherapy, AKA telemedicine, and recovery coaching.

I also offer the Overcome Couples Intensive, a 10-week program to help couples in crisis overcome sexual betrayal and addiction.