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The Fundamentals of Wisdom

These fundamentals of wisdom are not new. Wisdom is not the latest trend. They aren’t something I just came up with to optimize your life in 3 easy steps, with little-to-no commitment.

I hope to share with you ancient principles; ideas and insights people have been practicing for millennium, and modern psychology and research is beginning only recently in human history to study and see their effectiveness.

There is a way to grow in the skills of wisdom, to grow in virtue, to experience flourishing.

I call them the Fundamentals of Wisdom.

To become wise, you need to grow in three fundamentals of wisdom: presence, community, and practice.

Deep presence.

Loving and honest community.

Transformational practices.

These three categories are both simple, perhaps obvious, yet profound. They interact with and feed one another in surprising and powerful ways. Without one of these fundamentals, you cannot grow to become wise. They are all essential.

Fundamentals of wisdom

To summarize, you can think of these fundamentals in the following ways:

Presence - Your thoughts and mindset, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, your self talk, what you notice, and how you respond internally to the world around you. This is how present you are to each moment. How loving and open and vulnerable you are with others. How connected you are to God.

Community - who you know, love, and serve. Generosity and service. The connections you make in life and how you treat people.

Practice - your habits and craft. What you repeatedly choose to do that forms you over time. Being intentional with specific practices will bring you and your community powerful transformation over time.

Here is another way to break it down: the 3 fundamentals of wisdom are about being, loving, and doing.

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The Fundamentals of Wisdom are a simple way to think about how to grow in wisdom.