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Roam Research is a "note-taking tool for networked thought". It's my digital second brain where I currently store all my notes, journaling, to-dos, resources, and writing at various stages. I began using it in August of 2020. So instead of keeping my notes disconnected, stored in files or in physical notes that are difficult to search, I now (as of February 19th, 2023) have thousands of pages that are interconnected with bi-directional links.

I've built this digital garden off of my secondary Roam Research graph using

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This whole experiment is inspired in part because I want to keep learning and growing, and I don't want to only share work with the world when it's in a completely finished state. The further I progress in my career and success, the more I'm tempted to appear as if I have it all together. I don't. I have many blind spots, thoughts in progress, and I'm constantly asking questions as I continue to learn. I want to grow in my thinking with the rigor that athletes train their bodies. I have thousands of notes in my digital second brain on Roam Research, so I thought I'd share some of those pages here in a bit more disciplined, yet still work-in-progress fashion. If some of my notes don't feel finished or don't totally make sense, that's because they're not finished, or are written largely to develop my own thinking.

digital second brain

Roam Research is my digital second brain, and I use it as the knowledge graph that this website pulls directly from.