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Hi! I'm Josh Kalsbeek. I'm a licensed psychotherapist and writer, and you've found my working notes.

This is my digital garden, and it's a bit unique, so some context might help.

These notes are mostly written for myself, a way to learn in public as I seek to create as much or more than I consume. I do hope they're helpful for you, and I'm creating what I wish I had as a resource when I was younger. This is a kind of experiment to share my thoughts as I go. They may be less developed than a polished blog or essay. But that's okay. For some of what I write I'll share a Completeness Score to give myself and you an idea of how developed my thoughts are on a particular page.

This whole experiment is inspired in part because I want to keep learning and growing, and I don't want to only share work with the world when it's in a completely finished state. The further I progress in my career and success, the more I'm tempted to appear as if I have it all together. I don't. I have many blind spots, thoughts in progress, and I'm constantly asking questions as I continue to learn. I want to grow in my thinking with the rigor that athletes train their bodies. I have thousands of notes in my digital second brain on Roam Research, so I thought I'd share some of those pages here in a bit more disciplined, yet still work-in-progress fashion. If some of my notes don't feel finished or don't totally make sense, that's because they're not finished, or are written largely to develop my own thinking.

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There are no set index or menus to sort through the notes on. Over time, I hope this becomes a rich space for you to explore. Here are a few places to start:

This is where I explore the ideas of a digital garden.

Change Log Where I guessed it...all of the changes. :) This is the closest thing to a menu of my notes as you're going to get.