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My 12 favorite questions

Below are my current favorite questions that (mostly) relate to my work and projects I am working on.

  1. What is wisdom?
  1. What is most important? How can I tell what's signal and what's noise?
  1. How do people change? How can I help people experience deep transformation?
  1. Who are my people?
  1. How to shape an idea so it's ready to be received?
  1. What are the most powerful questions I can ask?
  1. What is most important to learn, to reflect on?
  1. How can I build systems to help myself and others grow?
  1. How can I balance learning, creating, and resting? How can I integrate more time for play and rest into my life?
  1. How can I turn online connections into long-term partnerships and friendships?
  1. How can I help people experience profound transformation through online programs and tools?