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Change Log

This is where I log the major changes and updates to the site. Some small changes may not be included. Logging my changes should help me keep an eye on what I'm working on, help me catch errors and inconsistencies, and help give me ideas on what else I could be working on. In a way, I expect it will be the closest thing to a menu in my digital garden, albeit not an organized one.

Most change logs solely focus on what was done. This will be my primary, but I'm considering logging more of my thoughts and feelings here as well, to help me gain a bit more insight over time into my experience of building this digital garden.

Change Log


It's been a slow month for the digital garden so far as I've been busy with other pressing projects. But the great thing about this is that I'm continuing to develop my thinking daily in my personal Roam graph and I I can easily come back to publish here in my digital garden. I'm thinking through what are the best practices to do that and how much time I want to allot to this.


I add added some custom CSS to improve the UI of the website.

Updated Evergreen Notes and made some small adjustments to a few other pages, such as on digital garden, continuing to learn how works and what the implications are in building on this particular platform. It has its limitations, like anything, but it is definitely encouraging me to create more quickly than if I were only waiting to create finished blog posts! This is a great encouragement to me, a signal that this experiment is already beginning to work.

Another exciting signal of the success of this experiment is the 'aha' moment I had yesterday with a new insight on a concept I thought I had already clearly defined. I think in writing via Roam, and making Evergreen Notes it is helping me create my create a more robust digital garden. A digital garden is a space where you develop your own thoughts and ideas about what you are learning as you go. This is becoming a powerful thinking practice!

Today I updated Wisdom Defined. My definition of Wisdom now reads: Wisdom is virtuous skill in living through connection. Adding 'through connection' is so simple and now so obvious I don't know how I missed it before today! 'Connection' is a particularly meaningful word to me, as it was the central and driving theme when I co-founded, and not to get too crazy, I think is a word that can be used to summarize the entire universe. What is the universe, except connection, a complex relationship of atoms and organisms? Before creation, even, there was connection and intimacy in the Trinity. Core to who we are as humans is the need for deep connection.

Wrote the Words of Wisdom page.

Setup the subdomain

I made updates to the digital garden page about inspirational digital gardens I've stumbled across. It's incredible to see what people build!

I made other minor changes, including optimizing the infrastructure of my roam graph that I’m pulling these notes from so that I can quickly create updates to this website. Decreasing friction in the cycle from having an idea to publishing it is a beautiful thing.

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Change Log Where I guessed it...all of the changes. :) This is the closest thing to a menu of my notes as you're going to get.